Coal Gift CO2 Offsetting

Tradition has it that Santa only gave the good gifts to children who had been good all year and earned their way onto the ‘nice’ list. Children who didn’t eat their greens or tidy their rooms would instead find their way onto the ‘naughty’ list and find a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking.

We decided to update this classic Christmas gift for the modern era. Obviously, there is no excuse to still be digging up coal in this day and age, so we are instead offering a lump of sustainable coal (otherwise known as charcoal) mounted on its very own little wooden stand. Allowing the recipient to sequester their very own little piece of atmospheric CO2 which will remain sequestered as long as they don’t burn it.

Not only that but the gift box also contains a voucher that will allow them to reduce atmospheric CO2 by a ½ tonne with one of our fully certified and accredited carbon offset schemes by using the unique QR code or serial number provided. There is also a little booklet to tell them a little bit about some of our schemes. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for children of all ages.